Advent Resources

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So many traditions surround our celebration of Advent and Christmas, but where do they come from? How did we get some of the songs we all know and love? Is there more to the biblical nativity story than a couple donkeys and a shining star? These are the kinds of questions that surround this next resource. Click on the link below and you'll be magically whisked away to a very special place called YouTube, specifically the camp's channel where a playlist is populated with all kinds of videos to help you get more meaning out of Christmas. 

Crafty Christmas Coloring

Lots of kiddos are visual and bodily kinesthetic learners. They learn by engaging with their bodies and their minds. Download and print these coloring pages and have a conversation with your kids about the Christmas story. You might be surprised to hear their perspective. :)

Are you having fun with all the activities and card games?  Do you need some directions on how to play some of them you may have never heard of?  Check out the link below to find out more.