COVID- 19  Safety and Modifications  

Greetings from IOLBC!

Summer is here, and we look forward to a great summer of ministry!


Know we have been praying for you, and will continue to do so. We hope you will also include our ministry in your prayers.  Today, people are hungry for the eternal hope found only in Jesus Christ. That's why the mission of IOLBC remains unwavering, "To know Jesus Christ and to make Christ known to all."


Though our primary mission has eternity in mind, we also take seriously the health and safety of our campers here and now.  Below you will find details of steps in place to care for campers and staff, crafted with insights and guidance from health leaders in camping and on national, state and local levels.

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to reach out by phone at 1-800-OKOBOJI or by emailing


Rod Quanbeck, Executive Director


2021 Summer Camp COVID Safety and Modifications

General Modifications (see July 2021 updates in bold below)
  • As weather permits, we will be moving as many camp activities as possible outdoors including chapel times.

  • Meals will be served cafeteria style by staff who are masked and gloved for all camps where campers are primarily younger than 12 years old.  During teen, adult, and family programs, campers who are at least 12 years old will be invited to serve themselves from a buffet with use of hand sanitizer immediately prior to going through the line.

  • We will continue to encourage good hand-washing practices and use hand sanitizer.

  • Self-monitoring - Participants of all programs will be asked to monitor their health closely prior to arriving at camp. Coming to camp healthy is a great way to start off the camp experience.  If you are experiencing any symptoms of any communicable disease, including COVID-19, within 14 days prior to your arrival at camp, please visit your local health care professional to be sure you are coming to camp healthy. 

  • A health screening will be implemented for all youth and family campers upon arrival to camp.  Campers who are running a fever will be sent home.  Please see below for more details about the health screening for your program.

  • In addition to signing in, all visitors will also be given a quick health screening upon arrival to camp.

  • Anyone who wishes to wear a mask for any reason will be invited to do so.  We will not prohibit the wearing of facemasks.

  • During the limited times that campers and staff are indoors, and a 6 foot distance is not possible from those outside of families or cohorts, then staff and campers will be required to wear a mask, unless they have a medical exemption.  We will not be asking campers or staff to mask up when outdoors, or adequate space is available indoors.

Youth Camp Specific Modifications 
  • While we will always assign cabins first by gender, this year we will do our best to group campers from a similar geographic location into the same cabin groups while still honoring cabin mate requests.

  • Each cabin group will be considered a camper cohort for the time they are at camp.  Within camper cohorts, masking will not be required except when indoors and unable to be socially distant from other camper cohorts. 

  • Youth campers should come to camp prepared to spend as much time outdoors as weather allows.  Whenever possible, activities will be held outdoors including chapel times, crafts, games, Bible studies, and free time.

  • The FIRST STOP in the registration process at both Ingham Lake Bible Camp and Okoboji Lutheran Bible camp will be a health screening station.  At Ingham, this will be along the driveway coming into camp.  At Okoboji, this will be at the edge of circle drive.  Youth camper temperatures will be taken at this stop.  Youth campers with a fever will not be allowed to stay at camp.  We strongly recommend you do your own temperature check prior to departing for camp.

  • To limit the number of people in cabins and potential exposure, only 1 parent/guardian per camper will be allowed to help youth settle into their cabins.

  • Weather permitting, closing programs will be held outdoors. 

Family Camp Specific Modifications (see July 2021 updates in bold below)
  • Each family will be considered their own cohort group.  Within cohort groups, no masking will be required.

  • The FIRST STOP when arriving to camp will need to be the health station check in at circle drive.  Families will be asked to verify they are not showing signs of communicable diseases, including COVID-19, and that each person has had their temperature taken within the last 12 hours and is fever free.  

  • Families will be invited, after they stop at the health station, to go directly to their cabins to settle in and unpack.  Folders with nametags, schedules, and other great information will be available for them in their cabins.  

  • Counselors will be stationed throughout camp to greet families and, if the family is comfortable with help, to help families move into their housing for the week.

  • Because counselors are considered to be their own cohort group and they will have increased responsibilities in relation to staffed rec options, serving meals, kitchen clean up, and general cleaning; they won't be tied as closely to your family this year.  We do hope you'll still take the time to get to know them when they are available to check in, say hello, and spend time with your family.

  • We will not be having a scheduled family free day on Wednesday this year as we are encouraging families to consider staying on-site instead of venturing out into the summer crowds in the Okoboji area.  Dinner will be scheduled for Wednesday evening.  If you do decide to venture off-site with your family, we do ask you to consider how you can limit your possibility of being exposed to COVID-19 and potentially bringing it back to camp.

  • Family Campers should be prepared for as much of camp as possible, including morning chapel, to be held outdoors this year.  Masking will not be required when outdoors.  

  • We will not be asking families to serve as dish crew for any meals this year.  Our kitchen staff and counselors will be taking care of dish duties.

  • At meal times, each family will have a pre-assigned table in the Dining Hall or Grace Place.  Additionally, to-go meal containers will be available at all meals if you wish to eat in your cabin or room.  Weather permitting, the outdoor patio is always an option as well.  

  • Those who are 12 years of age and older are invited to serve themselves upon using hand sanitizer immediately before going through the line.  Those 11 years of age and younger will need a parent or staff member to serve them.

  • Unless stated otherwise, all meals times will be open with families invited to get into line as they are ready to eat.  Weather permitting, we will be asking families to enter the dining hall through the south dining hall entrance and exit by Grace Place. 

  • We are asking all campers to closely monitor their health for the 2 weeks prior to arrival at camp.  If you develop any of the following symptoms, please consider a visit to your local health care professional to be sure you are healthy enough to come to camp: fever of 100.4 or greater, loss of taste or smell, cough or congestion not related to diagnosed seasonal allergies, diarrhea, vomiting, and/or difficulty breathing. 

  • If you or your camper identify as higher risk for complications related to COVID-19, we recommend you consult a medical care provider to assess the risk and determine if attendance is acceptable.

  • While COVID-19 vaccinations for all staff members have been encouraged, we do not require our staff, or campers, be vaccinated.


Cleaning and disinfecting

Additional cleaning methods will continue to be employed to reduce risk to campers and staff. Cleaning methods will follow CDC guidance and include increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of communal spaces, shared items, frequently touched surfaces, and restrooms. 

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