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Generations  (New)

Let us know if you have interest in attending this retreat in the future.


Church leaders from around the region have put their heads and hearts together to create a uniquely cross-generational retreat. The weekend will include engaging worship, innovative games and activities, focused Bible study, and of course, great food and times of fellowship for ALL AGES. Mixed-age groups from congregations will learn how to foster caring conversation across generations. Church leaders, parents, and grandparents will gain some practical tips and ideas for fostering cross-generational engagement in churches and at home.  





At Okoboji  Lutheran Bible Camp

Cost: $69 per adult, $49 per kid ( ages 3-14)

$49 adult commuter, $29 kid commuter

Emily Dalen has a passion for cross-generational ministry and will help lead the weekend. Emily lives in Underwood, IA and serves as the Director of Faith Formation at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Omaha, NE.