Youth Recharges


Recharges are weekend youth retreats at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp PACKED with fun, fellowship, and growing in faith. Come discover the great God we serve, learn more about the Bible, and have a blast with others at camp! Scroll down for more info about dates, themes, what to bring, and more.



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All Recharges are held at:     

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

1203 Inwan St.,

Milford, IA 51351 

(Wahpeton or W. Lake Okoboji)

2021 Spring Recharge (Remix) 

Spring 2021: No Trespassing-    Matt. 22:37-39

Recharge #1 Weekend - 

April 16-18 (6th -12th grade)

Recharge #1 ONE DAY - 

April 17 (6th-12th grade)

(Registration Deadline April 2)

Recharge #2 Weekend -

April 23-25 (6th-9th grade)

Recharge #2 ONE DAY - 

April 24 (6th-9th grade)

(Registration Deadline April 9)

CancelledRecharge #3 Weekend -

April 30-May 2 (4th-6th grade)

Recharge #3 ONE DAY

May 1 (4th-6th grade)

(Registration Deadline April 16)

Spring 2021 Modifications:

Keeping everyone safe at camp has always been a top priority for IOLBC.  In light of the ongoing concerns surround the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the following adjustments to increase the safety of having youth and adults at camp for our Recharge weekends this spring.

  • ONE DAY Option - Each weekend will have the option to come and experience the Recharge retreat in just one day.  Our main programming, teaching, games, skits, and wackiness will be packed into Saturday.  Those youth and groups who still opt to come for the entire weekend will have a chance to do some extra team building, campfires, and devotions.

  • Church Groups - Youth will be experiencing the retreat primarily with the group they arrive with.  We will not mix youth from different communities for small groups, games, cabin assignments, etc. All activities will be planned to maintain social distancing between different groups. 

  • Adult/Counselor Supervision -  Each church group will need to bring adequate adult supervision or choose to allow IOLBC's volunteer counselors to be included with their group throughout the weekend. Individual students will need to bring a parent or other adult or choose to be supervised by a volunteer counselor. For camper safety there cannot be a 1-on-1 sleeping arrangement with adult and youth except for parent/children.

  • Medic Check In - While we have always had each youth participant check in with our weekend medic, we will be adding temperature checks and some additional questions about how each participant is feeling upon check in. We will also be asking adults to check in with the medic specifically this spring. Medications will be handled by adult leaders from churches, parents for youth, or by the volunteer medic.

  • Self-monitoring - Participants will be asked to monitor their health closely prior to arriving at camp. If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, or discover you were exposed to someone who tested positive in the days leading up to camp, please stay home for everyone's well-being. Thank you. 

  • Meals - We have removed most of our large dining hall tables to allow for more flexibility in seating arrangements.  This will allow us to have a table for each group which is just right for the size of their group and allow us to spread groups out more effectively.  Additionally, we will not be utilizing our buffet line but serving meals cafeteria style by staff who are masked and gloved.

  • Outdoors - As much as possible, we will hold activities outdoors.  Please come dressed appropriately.

  • Masks - When indoors, face masks will be required except for eating and sleeping.

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing - We will be continuing with the additional cleaning and sanitizing of public spaces.


Fall 2020:
Happy-Nehemiah 8:10

God wants us to be happy, but what does that look like? Many people wrestle with fear, anxiety, and depression on a daily basis. Is happiness just an unrealistic fantasy? At the Fall Recharges, find out what God has to say about happiness and how the “Joy of the Lord” can be a source of great strength. Campers will dig into Jesus’ teachings known as the beatitudes and learn how they can push past their circumstances and let their joy be rooted in an unchanging identity as a child of God. Sign up, let your guard down, and see what “HAPPY” can really look like.


Confirmation Connection: Baptism, New Testament – Gospels / Epistles

Spring 2021: No Trespassing-    Matt. 22:37-39

Everyone has seen a sign that says “No Trespassing” warning them not to cross a specific line or boundary. Mostly, it’s to keep everyone safe and acknowledge the rights of others. God has given us many commands, rules and directions on how to live life His way. The Bible describes breaking these as trespassing. At the Spring Recharges, campers will take a close look at each of the Ten Commandments and how Jesus summarizes them into two easy to remember categories. Finally, we will be talking about how crucial God’s grace and forgiveness are when we trespass. Join us for a fun “Western” themed weekend!


Confirmation Connection: Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer

Additional Information:
What to Bring for the Weekend Event?


  • Sleeping bag or Twin Sized sheets, pillow, towel

  • Clothing, jacket, shoes that are good to run around in

  • Toiletries- shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc

  • Bible, notebook, pen

  • Necessary medications in original containers

  • Money for the Camp Store (optional)

  • Face Mask

What to Bring for the Day Event?

  • Clothing, jacket, shoes that are good to run around in

  • Bible, notebook, pen

  • Necessary medications in original containers

  • Money for the Camp Store (optional)

  • Face Mask

PLEASE LEAVE AT HOME: Cell phones, pets, iPods/MP3 players, knives or weapons of any kind.  

We strongly recommend that campers DO NOT bring cell phones to camp. We understand campers traveling from a long distance in a group may feel more comfortable bringing a phone, but we expect it to be turned off and put away during the Recharge. Please direct all communication to the camper through the camp office or youth leader. We will hold on to any cell phones which become a distraction or an issue until the end of the weekend. 


Checking In:


Check in will go from 8:30am to 9:15am on Saturday in our Welcome Center (GPS address 1102 Waska Dr  Milford, IA  51351).  We will ask just one group be in the welcome center at a time.  


Check in will go from 8:00pm to 9:30pm on Friday in our Welcome Center (GPS address 1102 Waska Dr  Milford, IA  51351).  We will ask just one group be in the Welcome Center at a time.  Please leave all luggage in vehicles until after you have checked in.


Medications will be taken by the Camp Medic for the at check-in, so please bring medications inside.  This includes over the counter meds, vitamins, and supplements.  Please bring all medication in their original packaging.



Call 1-800-OKOBOJI or e-mail with any questions- we’re here to help!

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