Altahaus was constructed in the years of 1991-92, and was officially dedicated on August 9, 1992. It provides 7 hotel-style rooms upstairs and 9 downstairs. All rooms are air-conditioned with a private bathroom.


Upper Altahaus also has Folkers Fellowship Room, which is a large common room/lounge area with a small kitchenette and microwave, as well as a refrigerator.


Most rooms in Altahaus have 3 sets of bunk beds with the bottom bunk of one set as a queen. Which means they can sleep 6 (7 with two people in the queen bed).


In Upper Alta, rooms 3205 and 3210 have extra long twin mattresses. All twin beds in Lower Alta have extra long twin mattresses. In 3201 there is one double bed, instead of a queen.


3105 and 3205 are handicap accessible and have 4 sets of bunks, which means it sleeps 8 (9 with two in the queen bed).



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