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Youth Recharges


Recharges are weekend youth retreats at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp PACKED with fun, fellowship, and growing in faith. Come discover the great God we serve, learn more about the Bible, and have a blast with others at camp! Scroll down for more info about dates, themes, what to bring, and more.



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all in 3-05.png
Fall 2022: "All In" -Psalm 24:1

At the “All In” recharge, campers will join an eccentric expedition team seeking a treasure worth more than gold. Campers will walk away with practical tools on how to keep God at the center of everything they do. Stewardship is often a word associated with money but it is so much more than that. Everything you have is from God, and is God’s. How can you take care of it and invest it for His Kingdom and His glory? You can use your time, talents, treasure, and so much more. Are you “all in” for God?

Confirmation Connection: Stewardship, Living Out Our Faith


Fall 2022 Dates:

Oct. 21-23 4th-6th Grade (cancelled)

Ingham Lake Bible Camp

Nov. 4-6 6th-9th Grade

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

Nov. 11-13 6th-9th Grade

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

Nov. 18-20 9th-12th Grade

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp


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Spring 2023: "I Believe" -Romans 1:16

We all hold beliefs about God, but it’s often hard to articulate those beliefs and explain them to others. The early church developed several creeds to help define the basic beliefs of Christianity. During the “I Believe” Recharge, campers will take a fresh look at the Apostle’s Creed and belief statements found therein. This will reinforce what many learn in confirmation, giving campers a solid rock on which to stand in their faith, and practical ways to share the Christian faith with someone else in a loving, non-threatening way. Then we can join Paul in saying that we, too, are “not ashamed.”


Confirmation Connection:

Apostle’s Creed, Tools for sharing faith

Spring 2023 Dates:

April 14-16 6th-9th Grade

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

April 14-16 9th-12th Grade

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp 

April 21-23 6th-9th Grade 

Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

Additional Information:
What to Bring for the Weekend?


  • Sleeping bag or Twin Sized sheets, pillow, towel

  • Clothing, jacket, shoes that are good to run around in

  • Toiletries- shampoo, toothbrush, soap, etc

  • Bible, notebook, pen

  • Necessary medications in original containers

  • Money for the Camp Store (optional)

  • Personal Water Bottle

PLEASE LEAVE AT HOME: Cell phones, pets, iPods/MP3 players, knives or weapons of any kind.  


A note about cell phones: Cell phones and other personal electronics are NOT allowed for use during Recharge, so please leave them home. Any cell phones or personal electronics brought to camp will need to be turned into camp staff or the adult leader bringing the camper to camp.  Please plan on directing any communication through the group leader for your church or camp staff.


Checking In:

Check in will go from 8:00pm to 9:30pm on Friday in our Welcome Center (GPS address 1102 Waska Dr  Milford, IA  51351) or ( For Ingham, GPS 2258 450th Ave Wallingford, IA).  We will ask just one group be in the Welcome Center at a time.  Please leave all luggage in vehicles until after you have checked in.


Check Out is at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

Medications will be taken by the Camp Medic for the at check-in, so please bring medications inside.  This includes over the counter meds, vitamins, and supplements.  Please bring all medication in their original packaging.



Call 1-800-OKOBOJI or e-mail with any questions- we’re here to help!

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