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Need to be sure there’s room for your whole group? Consider setting up a Group Hold!


A “group hold” is just a fancy way of saying that you can reserve a number of spots for campers from your group before they’re signed up for a Recharge. They will still need to fill out a registration form or sign up online, but they’re guaranteed a spot.

Group Hold Benefits


A "Group Hold" will be sure:

  • There is a minimum number of spots held for your group in a specific program.

  • Be sure your campers are registered for the specific program you have chosen to attend.

  • Will automatically bill the parents the portion you want them to pay to the camp and bill the church the amount the church will pay to the camp.  

Group Hold Requirements:

  • Churches must pay a minimum of the deposit for the program for each spot held.  This will go towards their final billing.

  • Churches must update their numbers before the drop off deadline.  Any spots held onto after the drop off deadline will be the full financial responsibility of the church.

  • The final payment for church groups will be due approximately 30 days after the event you attend.

Contact Sara with questions, or to set up a group hold!

Sara Heutinck, Registrar at Ingham Okoboji Bible Camps

712-337-3306 or 1-800-OKOBOJI

Recharge Info: Youth Leaders


Our Recharges are a great resource for youth groups and Sunday school classes. Providing a retreat for your students during the school year is a great way to strengthen relationships, foster friendships, and encourage kids to live out their faith. You bring the kids, we’ll take care of the rest.


We also want to invite YOU to join us! If you’ve never been to a Recharge yourself, you’re missing out! We really value the influence and connections you’ve made with your students, and sharing the experience of a Recharge is a great way to reinforce those relationships. You can be as involved as you’d like- or just take some time for a personal retreat. Youth leaders or Pastors attend Recharges for free.  Additional adults from your church, including parents volunteers, are charged $40 (with one free additional adult for every 10 students after the 1st ten).  Single rooms for adults are only available as space allows, we cannot guarantee availability until just a couple of days before a retreat.  


We’ve been so encouraged by our increasing numbers of interested churches throughout the past few years! Our Jr. High Recharges do fill up especially quickly, so we suggest that you sign up early!



  • First, choose a date or dates that you’d like to attend. (We would strongly suggest that you don’t announce to your students which date you’ll be attending until you call Sara to make sure there’s enough room!)


  • Estimate the number of campers you expect to attend. The more specific, the better- but we know that things change.


  • Call Sara- tell her the date, number of campers, and provide an e-mail address to her. She’ll be sending important information to you via e-mail.


  • Pay the deposit. To set a group hold, we ask that you prepay the deposits for your campers. (For Recharges, the deposit for each camper is $40.00. This means that if you have a group hold set for 20 campers, a deposit of $800.00 is due at the time you set up your group hold.)  This amount is automatically applied to your campers’ accounts as they register.


  • We understand that estimating the number of campers is a tricky thing to do! If you need to reduce the number of spots you’re reserving, we will refund your original hold deposit for those spots, as long as you tell us about the change by the drop off deadline.


  • Check your e-mail! Sara will send information to you- including a special group ID code that will register campers as part of your group (and apply the deposit to their accounts automatically!) She’ll also send lists of registered campers frequently- but if you need an update earlier, just let her know!


  • Have your campers register (online or by filling out a registration form), using the group ID code that you’ve received. Call Sara with any questions about this.

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