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Join our 2021 Summer Staff as a Junior Counselor!


Thank you for your interest in serving with Ingham Okoboji and our Junior Counselor Program. Serving as a Junior Counselor is a great way to develop a solid faith foundation, build some lifelong friendships, and gain some great leadership skills. It's a chance to learn how to live in a community setting similar to what you would experience at college, but with a Christ-centered, encouraging focus. You can expect a summer at camp to be full of hard work and one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

Our 2021 Summer theme is “Brand New” based on Romans 6:4, which challenges us to live in the new life that is ours in Christ. Believers have a new source of hope, new community, and new ways of looking at the world. Together we will discover more about our new identity in Christ. It’s going to be a great summer. Below are some things we would like you to know about the Junior Counselor (JC) position.



  • Junior counselors are responsible for assisting Senior Counselors in leading a small group of campers through all daily activities of camp life including worship, Bible Studies, evening devotions, games, hikes, dish crew, etc. Junior counselors are expected to spend time with the kids and families, provide constant supervision to the small group, ensure safety, and create a welcoming community for all.

  • JC’s are not expected to assume the role of a Senior Counselor with the responsibility of teaching and disciplining, however JC’s are expected to be good role models by being appropriate in all things at all times. 

  • JC’s will also serve in support staff roles for some weeks, either on maintenance, kitchen or housekeeping. JC’s work together with Sr. Staff as they rotate in these support positions as well. During support weeks, all staff are still expected to be supportive in and involved with the program each evening.

  • JC’s will earn $100 / week, plus free room and board. JC’s are also invited to attend our Sr. High Camp week at Okoboji at no cost ($400 value), and all staff receive significant discounts if their family members attend youth or family camps. JC’s are directly responsible to the JC Coordinator.

  • It is the camp policy that Junior Counselors must have completed their junior or senior year of High School before joining our camp staff.

  • The JC program has been an important part of the ministry at the camps for a long time.  The purpose, beyond the help at the camp, is to help prepare young leaders for life ahead.  We have seen many young people come, learn and lead due to the confidence they were able to build here. 




  • Applications may be submitted as soon as they are completed. Once an application is received, you will be contacted by a camp staff person to inquire further about the position and/or set up an interview time. Our goal is to have all interviewing completed by March 1, but if you are interested after that date, please contact the camp about available positions.  

  • JC’s arrive at the Okoboji site on Saturday, June 5 (unless arranged in advance otherwise) and are invited to stay until the end of the summer, which is August 15. If it works, we would also like to invite JC’s to the first full week of training (beginning May 29) for Senior Staff. Though not required, it is an opportunity to build relationships, learn counseling skills, and grow spiritually. 
    *Depending on the state of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there could be adjustments to the procedures, dates, and/or positions.  

  • Our hope is that JC’s would participate in training and serve the rest of the 9 weeks of the summer, however we would like to be as flexible with your schedule as possible. Any weeks you know you may need to be gone for family reunions, vacations, special events, music or sports camps, etc. would be helpful to know when applying.    

There are two ways to apply.


  1. (PREFERRED) Click on the Online Application button below to begin filling out the application right here on our website. (Please allow 30 minutes with reliable internet access.)

  2. Click the Junior Counselor Application Packet button to download a PDF document version of the application. Please print it out and send it in.


**We are often unable to hire all of the people that apply.  To be fair to you, we will send contracts or letters as soon as possible.  Please keep the hiring process and committee in your prayers.


Printed applications should be completed and sent to:


Ingham Okoboji

Summer Staff

1203 Inwan Street

Milford, IA 51351


Please continue with either the online application or downloading the form.