We have a boy in our group that really needs God in his life. He seems so happy here!

Counselors are so patient and upbeat.  They are great role models.

Camp leadership … understands how to connect solid theological teaching to kids’ everyday lives, helping them to understand God’s love in a tangible way.

My son… has done some amazing changing in his attitude and it has been with the help of God!

The kids enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of this camp.  The kids feel safe….they can worship and not worry.  I love watching them in this element.

One of my kids is going through a tough time at home…  Here he has a chance to just be a child of God…

When our confirmation students are asked about a life changing event in their Christian lives, Okoboji (IOLBC) always comes up.

The counselors we had were great girls! Great examples for our kids!

Thank you so much for ministering to me and my kids!

Great worship songs and praise time together …our kids loved it!

After telling the story of the Prodigal Son at bedtime, a camper called me over to ask me if I could pray with him to recommit his life to Jesus. The next morning I sat down with him to talk, and he also asked about the Holy Spirit. So we prayed for Jesus to come into his life and for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It was awesome!

– Counselor from Minneapolis, MN

After small group on Saturday, one of my kids was crying. I was able to love Him, pray for Him, and assure Him of God’s love.


– Counselor from Minneapolis, MN

A couple girls really thought about how much more they need to treasure God and love His people. I think it really hit home for them.


– Counselor from Storm Lake, IA

I felt God’s presence all the time at camp. [I realized] that God’s love and Him in general are eternal and the things on Earth are temporary.

– Camper from Omaha, NE

God worked in my life at camp. When I was crying during chapel, I realized God’s unconditional love for me.

– Camper from Omaha, NE

Camp is such a special place because it’s all about God. I know it’s going to be all about him and all the other kids here are here for the same reason.

– Camper from Forest City, IA

Camp is a special place because it takes people from all areas of life and allows God to move through them. It changes so many lives!

– Camper from Algona, IA

My counselor helped me open up and talk freely about my faith. She put thing in a new perspective, and she was REALLY nice!

– Camper from Algona, IA

Our youth get so much from the recharges, and it helps and encourages them to grow in their faith and bond with their church group and new Christian friends!

– Youth Director from Treynor, IA

From the time I arrived everything was positive…It was very clear to me that a culture of acceptance and encouragement was created and was prevalent throughout the recharge.

– Adult Sponsor from Onawa, IA