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Belle Harder will be back as a Stampin' Up Vendor!  If you can't be here for the retreat, stop by and see what fun new stuff she has brought with her!

Crafting Retreats

Spring Retreat: April 26-28, 2024


Set aside some time just for you to do what makes you happy. Fill up your car with all the materials and tools you need and come to camp for a weekend of creativity, relaxation and spiritual growth. Also enjoy delicious food, soothing massages  and great people as you unwind from your busy life and have some ME time!  Bring a friend along. They may have a totally different project than you. That’s okay. You can do your own thing right along side each other. Through out the weekend there will be several times set aside to gather together to encourage each other and grow in your faith.           


Come and join us!!!
Cost: $119 per person 
$30 non-refundable deposit when registering
$30 extra for Thursday Early Arrival 2024 Retreats

Join us up to 24 hours early! Sign up for Thursday arrival and start crafting as early as noon that day. Early arrival cost includes a simple breakfast and lunch on Friday.


 Freebie Table!  Do you have craft supplies you no longer use but have a lot of life left in them for someone else?  We will have our freebie table back.  Extra paper, extra stickers, those organizational containers sitting empty in the closet, the tool you used once for that one project five years ago.  Bring it all and set it out!  Be sure to browse the table often and see if it just might have the perfect item for your current project!  Items left over at the end of the retreat will be donated to a local charity.

Housing Note: Preference is given to those who are coming with a roommate.  Single rooms are not guaranteed.  If available, there will be a surcharge of $20 per night per person for those requesting a single room.  Rooms are first assigned in Altahaus, then Upper Christopherhaus, and then other buildings around camp as needed and available.

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