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Summer Camp​s

Learn more about opportunities to relax, make memories, have fun, and grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord! 


Year-Round Retreats

Learn more about opportunities to recharge your faith throughout the year:

Personal Retreats

Camp is the perfect place to get away for some personal quiet time, or quality time with your family and friends surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation.This camp offers a great setting to host spiritual retreats such as; family reunions, church groups, class reunions, pastor’s retreats, or a weekend or week away from the busyness of life. 

Two Sites-One Mission

Take a virtual tour of the Ingham or Okoboji sites to see what they look like. 
Ingham sunrise.JPG
Lake Dock.JPG

Upcoming Events

February 3-5, 2023
April 28-30, 2023


Set aside some time just for you to do what makes you happy. Fill up your car with all the materials and tools you need and come to camp for a weekend of creativity, relaxation and spiritual growth. Also enjoy delicious food, soothing massages  and great people as you unwind from your busy life and have some ME time! 

February 10-12, 2023

Enjoy a wonderful weekend with a banquet dinner, evening entertainment, free couples photo shoot, breakfast café, and great sessions.

Using themes from their "More to this Life"  Marriage Enrichment Course, Pastors Jana and Jonathan Swenson will encourage couples to "look in, look out and look up" as a tool for strengthening their marriage, emotionally, relationally and spiritually.

Speakers: Pastors Jonathan & Jana Swenson

Spring 2023: "I Believe" -Romans 1:16

During the “I Believe” Recharge, campers will take a fresh look at the Apostle’s Creed and belief statements found therein. This will reinforce what many learn in confirmation, giving campers a solid rock on which to stand in their faith, and practical ways to share the Christian faith with someone else in a loving, non-threatening way. Then we can join Paul in saying that we, too, are “not ashamed.”

April 14-16 6th-9th Grade
April 14-16 9th-12th Grade
April 21-23 6th-9th Grade

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